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The Neon Demon - badgerblog
June 26th, 2016
05:26 pm


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The Neon Demon
Nicolas Winding Refn's (Drive, Only God Forgives) new movie The Neon Demon about feral models in LA has been tagged as "glam horror". A hyperstylized gialloesque version of Starry Eyes with elements of Mulholland Drive and especially Aronofsky's Black Swan. Gruesome in spots. Nice score by Cliff Martinez. Elle Fanning is great as the lead.
Unique credit: for kinbaku (one short non-graphic scene, fyi).

The Infiltrator - Bryan Cranston in Florida drug sting
Indignation - "based on a Philip Roth novel"
Lights Out - If you turn out the lights, there's something stalking you in the darkness. July 22.
Cafe Society - Woody Allen.
Captain Fantastic - quirky family drama, in the same neighborhood as Little Miss Sunshine.
Doctor Strange - November.

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