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Justice League Tarot - badgerblog
December 29th, 2015
07:36 pm


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Justice League Tarot
Because I could not find a list of characters in this deck either included with the deck or anywhere online, I took the deck to my local comics shop and consulted. This is what I could come up with.

0 The Fool Harley Quinn
1 The Magician John Constantine
2 The High Pristess Catwoman
3 The Empress Poison Ivy
4 The Emperor Aquaman
5 The Hierophant Ras Al Ghul
6 The Lovers Hawkman and Hawkgirl
7 The Chariot Green Lantern
8 Strength Wonder Woman and Cheetah
9 The Hermit Dr. Manhattan
10 Wheel of Fortune Two-Face
11 Justice Batman
12 The Hanged Man Deadman
13 Death Doomsday (killed Superman)
14 Temperance Raven (Teen Titans, 80s)
15 The Devil Lex Luthor
16 The Tower The Joker
17 The Star Supergirl
18 The Moon Black Adam (Shazam)
19 The Sun Shazam
20 Judgement The Spectre
21 The World Superman and Lois Lane
King of Wands Captain Atom
Queen of Wands Zatanna
Knight of Wands The Shining Knight
Page of Wands Dr. Fate
Ace of Wands The Phantom Stranger
Two of Wands Ms. Martian (Teen Titans)
Three of Wands Amethyst
Four of Wands Justice League group scene, dinner
Five of Wands Firestorm
Six of Wands Booster Gold
Seven of Wands Etrigan, The Demon
Eight of Wands The Flash
Nine of Wands Huntress
Ten of Wands Cyborg (Teen Titans)
King of Cups J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter
Queen of Cups Star Sapphire (Green Lantern)
Knight of Cups Nightwing
Page of Cups Stargirl (JSA)
Ace of Cups Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern)
Two of Cups Apollo and the Midnighter (The Authority)
Three of Cups Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, and Cosmic Boy (Legion of Super Heroes)
Four of Cups St. Walker, Blue Lantern (Green Lantern)
Five of Cups Mr. Freeze
Six of Cups three Flashes
Seven of Cups John Stewart (Green Lantern)
Eight of Cups Red Hood (Jason Todd)
Nine of Cups Plastic Man
Ten of Cups Big Barda and Mr. Miracle
King of Swords Darkseid
Queen of Swords Amanda Waller
Knight of Swords Guy Gardner as Red Lantern
Page of Swords Robin (Damian, probably)
Ace of Swords Sinestro
Two of Swords Madame Xanadu
Three of Swords Atrocitus, Red Lantern
Four of Swords Fortress of Solitude
Five of Swords Vandal Savage, perhaps
Six of Swords reverse Flash
Seven of Swords Deadshot with Batman
Eight of Swords Brainiac
Nine of Swords Scarecrow
Ten of Swords Captain Boomerang
King of Pentacles Ozymandias (Watchmen)
Queen of Pentacles Vixen
Knight of Pentacles Lobo
Page of Pentacles Blue Beetle
Ace of Pentacles Bane
Two of Pentacles Hawk and Dove
Three of Pentacles Teen Titans, Red robin, Superboy, Ravager, others
Four of Pentacles The Penguin
Five of Pentacles Swamp Thing
Six of Pentacles Green Arrow
Seven of Pentacles Deathstroke and Terra
Eight of Pentacles Batgirl
Nine of Pentacles Black Canary
Ten of Pentacles Blue Beetle (earlier)

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