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Mad Max: Fury Road - badgerblog
May 16th, 2015
12:13 am


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Mad Max: Fury Road
Let’s go,” says Trent, “and drive down the freeways at unreasonable speeds.” - DKM, The Last Dancer

We have seen Mad Max: Fury Road. Max is very very mad in an "We're all mad here" way. Charlize Theron is excellent. Also, I was going to say the last movie I saw with this much nonstop action was The Raid: Redemption, but on reflection The Raid had more downtime than Fury Road. Highly recommended, will see again.

Also: Favorite job title in the credits for Fury Road (I always watch the credits and there's almost always a unique and surprising job title) is "Score Wrangler", which is now the new job title I aspire to. Think about it: even the soundtrack for Fury Road needed WRANGLING.

Also also: the seven recent Fast and Furious movies, plus playing Ubisoft's The Crew, plus Mad Max: Fury Road is doing bad things to my self-restraint in re building a street-legal brutal beast of a raid mobile.

Also also also: the Fury Road soundstage truck with the bungee corded double-neck guitar and the four taiko drummers made me want to play guitar. That NEVER happens. (I have issues with playing guitar.)

"Your job is to play metal guitar solos for twelve hours a day." "YAY!"

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