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Amazon Echo - badgerblog
February 14th, 2015
06:48 pm


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Amazon Echo
How's the Amazon Echo? It's limited to its powercord tether, plus it's the dimension and roughly the weight of a bottle of wine minus the neck. So not portable, but movable in the house should you want to. The natural language processing bit means it needs an active wifi connection, but that like Siri you can ask it "how many cups in a quart?", set timers or alarms by voice (so Merrie​ may want one for the kitchen).

Name (what you say to get it to pay attention to commands) is limited to Alexa or Amazon, so I can't name it Ariel and indulge my inner Prospero.

Its music selection is limited to your Amazon music, some radio, and some internet radio features, but with Amazon's AutoRip feature that means almost every CD I ever bought from Amazon for the last decade - a small subset of my 4000 CDs ripped to lossless, but on the other hand I don't have my iTunes server rigged for voice control.

For music quality, it's impressive: the sound quality in the bass for a 2.5" woofer is really surprising. I'm testing it with Philip Glass' pipe organ and choral-heavy score to Candyman and it sounds really nice: the Magnepans or the Bang & Olufsen 140s in the same room sound better but each of those speaker pairs has a 200w stereo amp powering it.

Just don't put the remote control down on anything that a magnet can bother.


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