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[film] Enemy - badgerblog
December 30th, 2014
01:16 am


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[film] Enemy
Tonight's film in the doppelganger film festival: Enemy, loosely adapted from Jose Saramago's novel The Double. (Yes, I know last night's movie was titled The Double, adapted from the Dostoyevsky story of the same name. This term overload or name collision is sort of expected given the topic at hand. More surrealistic and less coherent than The Double, with more dream sequences and a lot more spiders (seriously, if you have a spider phobia you may want to be aware of a few rare bits that are extremely unnerving), Enemy is a bit more overtly confrontational with "there can be only one" than The Double. Good performances, great unnerving score. If I had to recommend only one of these movies it'd be The Double, but they're both pretty short and would make a decent double feature. Again like The Double, Enemy ran locally last year and I regret missing it.


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