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a game idea nastier than Diplomacy - badgerblog
December 1st, 2014
01:24 pm


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a game idea nastier than Diplomacy
Adapt Diplomacy for World Cup or Olympics bid committee competition.


The Sunday Times’ document also details the attempted pacts made between bidding countries though the England 2018 bid team allegedly suffered major embarrassment when trying to collude with South Korea.

The deal was that Dr Chung Mong-Joon was to vote for England 2018 and Geoff Thompson, England’s voter, would vote for South Korea’s 2022 bid. According to the Times’ FA source, England were double-crossed.

"We did a deal with the South Koreans whereby we would vote for them and they would vote for us and they then didn’t vote for us. I mean it tells you all about the English bid doesn’t it. We even fucked up fiddling it. Even the illicit bit was a fuck up because they didn’t vote for us. They knew the next day … So David [Dein] goes up to the South Koreans and says ‘Why didn’t you vote for us?’ and the bloke said, ‘That’s football’.”


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