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[film] Guardians of the Galaxy - badgerblog
August 5th, 2014
11:13 pm


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[film] Guardians of the Galaxy
Much fun. Silly, but a serious grimdark tone would have been a bad idea. We saw it Thursday night at Mission Valley then Friday elsewhere with friends, we both enjoyed it both times. Definitely recommended.

Note: Stay post-closing credits.

There's a bit where Ronan the Accuser's Kree warship changes shape by rotating parallel plate segments that reminded me of the Necromongers' ship displaying faces in The Chronicles of Riddick.

M. says Rocket Raccoon should have been a badger. She kept falling out of her chair laughing.

A scene near the end with Yondu looks strongly similar to a scene involving a human, an escorting knife-drone AI, and a group of people mostly on horseback from Iain M. Banks. I'd have to check which Banks, I think the scene was in The State of the Art.

favorite line in the credits:
"No raccoons or tree creatures were harmed in the making of this film."

A Walk Among the Tombstones September
Costars Glenn Fleshler, last seen riding a lawnmower in HBO's True Detective.

Big Hero 6

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I November

Hobbit 3 Dec 17

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