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[film] A Field in England - badgerblog
March 7th, 2014
10:38 pm


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[film] A Field in England
Watched Ben Wheatley's A Field in England last night. Black and white, slow-paced, a lot of full-face establishing shots, also used by Aronofsky to striking effect in The Fountain. Four men during a English Civil War battle wander into a field. They run into a fifth. They hunt for treasure by scrying and divination interspersed with mushrooms. Very trippy in a late 60s experimental film way. Feels a bit like early Peter Greenaway crossed with Kenneth Anger and Derek Jarman. I liked it, but it's sparse and slow-paced enough I can see people reacting to it with "pointless", "dull", "empty" - but then I liked Lynch's Inland Empire which can have much the same critiques directed at it.

Kudos to the score: as one review I noticed remarked, the voices are as detached from geography/direction/location as the rest of the sound effects and instrumental music, all the audio just wafts about like the fog of war and psychedelia.

Male genitalia visible in a couple of scenes, non-sexualized context. Much less on-screen violence and gore compared to Wheatley's previous films. Not recommended for young teens and some adults, more for the slow pace and robust attention span required than because of the nudity.

Not my favorite Wheatley but definitely worth my time. I'm looking forward to what he does with JG Ballard's High-Rise starring Tom Hiddleston.

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