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[film] Her - badgerblog
January 20th, 2014
08:56 pm


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[film] Her
We saw Her on Saturday night at Mission Valley - still one of my favorite movie theatres in the Triangle area. (Colony/Raleigh, Rialto/Raleigh, Carolina/Durham, Grande/Raleigh, Varsity/Chapel Hill are the others.) It's a very good movie. It's about alienation, and a romance, and the Singularity. Great performances, an intelligent script that doesn't hand a lot of neatly-packaged answers, and a lovely film score. I look forward to whatever replaces this as my favorite movie of 2014 because it's going to have to be really impressive.

Edge of Tomorrow - Tom Cruise, SF, June 6
Heaven Is For Real - Small child has near-death experience, becomes spiritualist.
That Awkward Moment - HBO's Guys.
Winter's Tale - Feb 14

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