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ProgDay XIX 2013 - badgerblog
September 8th, 2013
11:05 am


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ProgDay XIX 2013
I saw nine bands at ProgDay XIX/2013 Labor Day weekend. Here's a few photos of a few of the bands.


A really even-toned set of bands, all great stuff.

Rob Martino (Chapman Stick), Local 506 Friday

Note: website has not been updated to reflect the actual playing order that happened.

Mavara (Iran) - Solid.
Miriodor (Canada)
Corima (US) - Like Magma.
Oblivion Sun (US)

Out Of The Beardspace (US)
Thank You Scientist (US)
Herd Of Instinct (US)
simakDialog (Indonesia) - Loved this band.

Stupid heavy storm shut down simakDialog after an hour of play, but the day was ahead of schedule and so we got almost a full hour. Went home, watched the creek rise a lot.

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