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recent video games - badgerblog
August 18th, 2013
02:36 pm


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recent video games
Going Home - Exploratory family story with multiple storylines, creepy tone with a significant shift, no fighting. (Steam, Mac, Linux)

Brothers: A Tale of Sons - Interesting interface: controlling a big and little brother simultaneously (one for each joystick on the xbox controller), no intelligible dialogue (only emotional tones: you can tell someone is answering your question, laughing at you, or angry, and so on, but no language per se.) (XBox Live, probably others)

Charlie Murder - Ska/punk band fights through a post-punk apocalypse. Way too much fun. (XBox Live, maybe others)

Maere: When Light Dies - Probably the creepiest video game I've played in a really, really long time, right up until it crashed and won't restart and deleting the game and all files and reinstalling and rebooting the Mac doesn't help. (Mac, others, Oculus Rift)

Slender: The Arrival - If you're not familiar with the slender man net meme/urban legend, basically a tall grey alien [1] starts appearing everywhere. Forest associated. Relates to an earlier idea I had about pursuit predation I should expand into a separate post. (Mac, maybe others)

[1] Right, not, but close enough for explanatory purposes.


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