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The Pacific Rim Jaeger project begins - badgerblog
August 8th, 2013
07:22 pm


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The Pacific Rim Jaeger project begins

The “compatibility racer”:

“COME PAT A BULL is a competitive, interactive brain-robotics installation. The installation explores synchronized brain activity between people: what does it mean scientifically to be ‘on the same wavelength’?” 
Here’s how it works: Two people sit on the bull, a little vehicle with two chairs facing each other. Portable EEG headsets track the brain activity of both riders. The bull then moves “as a direct result of increasingly shared brain activity.  Conversely, movement slows or halts as a function of participants’ lack of (brain wave) alignment. Thus, the participants’ movement is literally fueled by successful communication and collaboration.” 


For a lighter and related moment, read "Whiskey Output: the Story of the Irish Jaeger".


I commend the author of the piece for their restraint in avoiding the term "Jaeger shots" anywhere in the story.


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