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[film] The Wolverine - badgerblog
July 28th, 2013
09:54 am


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[film] The Wolverine
(as written yesterday) Just saw Les Miserables. Too many ninjas, and Hugh Jackman didn’t sing at all. Very confusing.

Saw The Wolverine Friday night. Obvious even with holes plot. Generally fun.

Liked the harmonica portion of Logan's theme music, reminiscent of Morricone's The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Disliked part of the score for dramatic moments that sounded very reminiscent of V For Vendetta.

In August 1945 he's in a pit of a solitary holding cell in a Japanese camp as a prisoner of war. Umm, how exactly did they *catch* him? There's probably something in canon that explains how this happened.

Ninja on the roof of the temple at the funeral with high security, as exposed as a gargoyle on Notre Dame but without a couple of hundred gargoyles to distract. Logan sees him, nobody else notices? As Raymond Chandler says, as conspicuous as a tarantula on a slice of angel-food cake.

Everybody does parkour in movies these days.

I winced when she stabbed the seven-century old wallscreen painting with a knife to superimpose the photo on it. You couldn't just hold it up there?

Another hidden fortress?

The old rich guy has a hidden agenda in that he plans to live forever. They all do. He's inside the adamantium mechasamurai lifesupport-battlesuit? Of course he is. Prometheus wasn't remotely the first, but it was one of the most recent and this was about as obvious.

Closing credits were not well-designed, with titles in vertical faux-Japanese fonts in red, floating and moving against the peoples' names. I understand what they were going for, but it clashed and seriously impeded comprehension to a degree I haven't seen since the early years of Wired magazine.


* 300: Rise of An Empire - Yes, there's a sequel to 300. March 7 2014.

* Hunger Games Catching Fire - Nov 22

* Prisoners - Family man with kidnapped children has learned from 24 and other pop culture that torture is an effective and successful interrogation method to compel people to tell you the truth, tries with man suspected in his kids' disappearance after the police release him.

* Thor: The Dark World - Thor and Loki team up.

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