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[film] The Conjuring - badgerblog
July 20th, 2013
10:48 am


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[film] The Conjuring
The Warrens, a real pair of ghost hunters, and their worst case back in 1971. The family being attacked by weirdness was more interesting to me than the storyline involving the Warrens and their family. The house is nice, the giant twisted tree is nice, wandering out the pier to the lake a couple of times gets a payoff. Decent for what it is. Nice soundtrack and score, including contributions by Diamanda Galas. Almost no onscreen gore, generally creepy throughout.

The script parts for the Warrens are a little too flat: I'd have trouble imagining any actors doing much with those lines. The beleaguered family has more interesting and better-sounding scenes, even without the supernatural stuff floating around.

Didn't really get the connection between the Annabelle doll of the Warren's first-in-this-film case and the current-in-1971 events: it felt like there was some kind of unexplained connection between the two cases, rather than the current case following the Warrens home and using first available creepy prop of opportunity.

Also, as the Warrens and their trophy hall archives: if I kept an arsenal of loaded firearms in the downstairs rec room and had a child in the house, I'd have locks on that downstairs door. If I had a roomful of demonically-possessed objects in the downstairs rec room as the 1970s Ghostbusters vault of all ghosts and had a child in the house, I'd have a lock on the door. Or I'd just embrace the stupid and name my daughter Pandora or something.


* Insidious 2 - Liked the first one. September FRIDAY the 13th

* The Grandmaster - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Ip Man. The life of Ip Man before he trained Bruce Lee. Will be interesting to compare to the two Ip Man films. August.

* Carrie - Chloe Moretz and a big budget. Julianne Moore as the mother. October. There's a "call Carrie" at the end of the trailer with a 407 area code.

* Getaway - Bad man kidnaps wife of fast driver. Gives him fast car with spy cameras to watch him with, and missions. Selena Gomez the pop star co-stars as a carjacker with bad luck who ends up coming along for the ride.

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