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[Bill Cosby voice] Driving...in Vladivostok - badgerblog
June 29th, 2013
09:12 am


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[Bill Cosby voice] Driving...in Vladivostok
Remember a few months ago when that meteor hit Russia and most of the footage was from Russian vehicle dashboard cameras? Jalopnik explored the issue of 'Why does everyone in Russia have a video camera in their car?' which is an interesting read in its main point. On the other hand, this part at the end jumped out at me:

"There's another thing you should know about, hotrod: "The Drifters of Vladivostok." There's a particular flavor to disaster clips from Vladivostok. The far-Eastern port city uses Japanese sedans with right hand driver's side almost exclusively. There are readily available sporty Nissans and Toyotas fresh off the ferries from Japan a short distance away. As a result, the teenage population has access to many fast, powerful, inexpensive cars. The city of Vladivostock is much like San Francisco in terrain, with hilly streets and limited visibility. So you have these kids who barely know how to drive, armed with very powerful Japanese cars and cheap, used autos–often fitted with aftermarket nitrous systems. They regularly drive like crazy and perform some violent drifting maneuvers, intentionally over-steering and redlining the engine. The steep hills, the narrow, badly-maintained roads, right-hand vehicles drifting wildly on left-hand roads result in some cinematic, idiotic crashes. And that's the flavor of Vladivostok: The spice of suddenly smoking tires and sound of crumpling plastic."

Fast and the Furious film franchise? Call me, I have your next movie.


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