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[film] Iron Man 3 - badgerblog
May 13th, 2013
05:22 pm


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[film] Iron Man 3
Saw Iron Man 3 Saturday afternoon (a minor miscalculation on my part because I didn't realize the large university in the way of the route was apparently having graduation ceremonies and traffic was unexpectedly high) at Mission Valley.

Shot partly locally, I recognized a couple of sets. Overall we considered it more fun than the second film, but not as much as the first. Still pretty good. There's a minor stinger scene at the end of the closing credits.

Other comments and minor nitpicks under the cut because of significant spoilers.

Nitpicks: at least one of the fight scenes early on felt a little oddly paced.

Loved the swarm effect at the end of Jarvis semi-autonomously fighting the group of bad people - foreshadowed by Stark using an empty Iron Man suit as a remote waldo to greet Pepper earlier.

Liked Kingsley's dual role but I would have preferred more of the Mandarin and less of the comic relief actor. Liked Guy Pearce a great deal. I had absolutely no worry for Pepper's safety falling into a fireball because of prior evidence that fire doesn't bother people in her condition, at least not seriously. I'll be really surprised if they have plans to make a fourth Iron Man film, although I expect the character will appear in Avengers 2 if not intermediate films between now and then.

The Lone Ranger
Wolverine - July 26.
Man of Steel - new trailer. June 14.
Thor: The Dark World - November.

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Date:May 13th, 2013 09:57 pm (UTC)
I have much more of a DC than Marvel background as a comics reader: never read Iron Man. Had heard the name of the villain but couldn't have answered if I'd been asked anything about him.
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