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Nevermore 14, Day 2 - badgerblog
February 23rd, 2013
08:54 pm


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Nevermore 14, Day 2
Back from day two of the Nevermore Film Festival at the Carolina Theatre.

* In Wrath of the Foreign Invaders (international short-format): Standouts from this set are a) The Plan, a David Lynchian sparse dreamscape from Israel, b) Ocho, an eight-year-old's birthday party shot a la There Will Be Blood (yes really) from Spain, and c) We Will Call Him Bobby (again from Spain), in which a father-adult son pair of sports fans hit Bigfoot with their car and decide to take him home. The son is wearing a Cubs jacket. Amazingly elegant opening credits from a storytelling perspective.

* The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh - long-estranged son inherits house from mom who was part of a Christian cult who believe in angels, REALLY REALLY HARD. A seriously good ghost story. Probably the best movie of the five we saw. Will buy as soon as it's available.

* The Casebook of Eddie Brewer - paranormal investigator Eddie has problems professional and existential. Pretty good, a little confusing at the end.

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