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[film] Silver Linings Playbook - badgerblog
February 10th, 2013
11:04 pm


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[film] Silver Linings Playbook
Saw Silver Linings Playbook with maegwynn at the Rialto a couple of weeks ago. The last few times I've seen DeNiro I've been unimpressed and so I was skeptical of what I'd heard of his supporting lead performance here. I was wrong, he's as good as he ever was. Bradley Cooper does well, and Jennifer Lawrence is amazing. I think Chris Tucker's character is probably a bit less obtrusive in the novel, though: in the film his appearances and disappearances seemed a bit abrupt. Solid acting all the way around. Definitely worth seeing.

Quartet - Reminds me I never saw The Last Quartet from a couple of months ago.

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