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Jekyll & Hyde 2012-2013 - badgerblog
January 10th, 2013
11:51 pm


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Jekyll & Hyde 2012-2013
Tuesday maegwynn and I went to Durham Performing Arts Center for the 2012 revival of the Jekyll & Hyde musical. Constantine Maroulis is a bit uneven as the dual role, Teal Wick is very good, and Deborah Cox is amazing. Lots more video projection than in the 1997-2001 run. More reminiscent to me of the V For Vendetta film in this rendition. The new transformation scene involving more apparatus reminiscent of Frankenstein films didn't work for us as well as the original, and the audio mods to Maroulis' Hyde vocals in the confrontation didn't work for maegwynn. Runs in Durham through Sunday early evening before it continues a six-month tour on its way to a Broadway opening in April. Might try to catch it again Sunday evening if time permits.

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