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[film] Django Unchained - badgerblog
December 30th, 2012
11:18 pm


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[film] Django Unchained
Saw Django Unchained at Mission Valley yesterday afternoon. Much more like Inglourious Basterds crossed with The Man With the Iron Fists than like Sukiyaki Western Django. Long, brutal, excellent. Tarantino has described this movie as a Southern genre movie the way that Westerns are a recognized genre. Solid performances throughout. Nice cameo by Franco Nero who was Django in the 1966 film.

Three links, all and especially the last requiring a spoiler warning:
Daniel Kimmell's review:

SF writer Steven Barnes' post and thoughts

Tarantino responding to a review


* Oblivion - Tom Cruise, SF.

* Pacific Rim - Giant mecha fighting giant monsters. I'm there just for Idris Elba shouting "We are canceling the apocalypse!"

* Bullet To the Head - Sylvester Stallone starring what I choose to believe is a sideways sequel to his Get Carter remake, with a little bit of Cobra. Walter Hill directs.

* Star Trek: Into Darkness - Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain.

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