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winter cleaning - badgerblog
December 27th, 2012
06:19 pm


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winter cleaning
Switched from the satchel I've been using for almost a year (after the previous one that I had had since before the turn of the millennium) over to a backpack design. This entailed a lengthy process of sorting items in the satchel over to the compartment arrangement of the backpack (for those playing at home, I switched from an Oakley SI Computer bag, apparently known as the Dexter cosplay special, over to an Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack). The Sink's a little odd in comparison, I tried it once and went with the SI bag, but thought I'd try it again.

Related, I went through the passport-sized wallet and purged so much not-absolutely-necessary stuff from it that I should buy an only-normal-billfold-sized wallet.

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