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You find your own tree! - badgerblog
November 5th, 2012
11:59 pm


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You find your own tree!
It is a travesty of modern technology that the 1934 Count of Monte Cristo starring Robert Donat is not streamable on any source I can find. As the film V in V For Vendetta never tires of that actually exists in the real world (I can't see The Salt Flats without a fiction suit), I considered watching Donat's Count movie for Guy Fawkes Day instead of V For Vendetta itself. On the other hand VfV has some lovely elements in it, and careful viewing reveals new details each time. This go-round, the tactical consideration that Creedy and his team should have listened to Ayoob in one specific respect.

Stephen Rea's monologue about a moment in which he realizes a universal pattern feels to me as though the Wachowskis used it as the seed crystal they emphasized in their film adaptation of Cloud Atlas.

(Skip to 1:26 for the beginning of Rea's monologue if you like)

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