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Shining City at Burning Coal - badgerblog
November 3rd, 2012
01:42 pm


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Shining City at Burning Coal
Took maegwynn to see Burning Coal Theatre's production of the play Shining City by Conor McPherson. Burning Coal's done five of McPherson's plays, making him the second-most frequent playwright for the company (the first, Shakespeare), and I've seen one (St. Nicolas) and I was sound designer for a third (The Seafarer) of the other four.

Shining City is, like the rest of McPherson's plays I'm familiar with, working with the supernatural in ways that speculative fiction people might see as magical realism or maybe slipstream. Shining City is a bit of a slow burn, and intense in ways that can make many people uncomfortable, but is well-acted and we recommend it.

Runs Thursday through Sunday this, next, and a third weekend, ending November 18. Try to catch it.

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