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December 1st, 2005 - badgerblog

December 1st, 2005

December 1st, 2005
06:05 pm


crowbars in the sheetrock, the saga continues again
Repairman showed up this morning, chopped a hole in my downstairs master bedroom ceiling, found the leak: a pinhole leak that had just happened. Replaced a two-foot section of pipe, we're running the dehumidifer to dry the sheetrock, which is probably going to be salvageable. Meaning we only have a 1.5'x3' hole to patch in, not the entire downstairs bedroom ceiling. Not so bad.

Kudos to M for noticing, and I need a little more work on Arisia before I have that whole spherical awareness thing nailed down, apparently. Everything else in there looks fine.

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06:16 pm


things to do now-Sat
Internetworkers seventh anniversary at Tyler's in Carrboro

Also, the seventh annual "Great Cover-Up" multi-band funparty tonight, Friday night, and Saturday night, at King's in Raleigh

Friday: First Friday art gallery crawl
Kirk Adam has Clang Quartet

Designbox has their second annual "Brand Fandango", which is the closest thing I've seen to a demonstration of "sigilization for fun and profit".
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