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[film] Seven Psychopaths - badgerblog
October 13th, 2012
11:29 am


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[film] Seven Psychopaths
Went with friends to a local chain cineplex to see Seven Psychopaths. We all, all loved it as a consistently funny and inventive film. If you liked In Bruges, see this. If you like the trailer, I can say the trailer does _not_ contain the majority of the funny of the movie. It surprised us throughout. I'm pleased to report Tom Waits has more than a cameo as The Man With the Bunny. Walken is fantastic. Farrell, Rockwell, Harrelson, are all great. Again, a great Fiasco RPG.

Hard to discuss this film without spoilers so I'm stopping here. (Spoilers may be present in comments, though.) Strongly recommended.

Side observation: Music, especially the finale sequence, was very close to the main theme music of The Way of the Gun.


* Killing Them Softly - More lowlife criminal idiots, looks good for Fiasco RPG.
* Promised Land - Matt Damon as local rep of a tracking company sent to buy up land in a drying-up farming community.
* Alex Cross - Detective, serial killer, you know the rest.
* Hitchcock - Biopic. With Helen Mirren as Mrs. Hitchcock. Music in the trailer was Michael Nyman's "Requiem", better known as the main theme music for Peter Greenaway's The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover.
* Identity Thief - Nice normal guy has his identity stolen by low-class person in another state. He goes to confront her. Comedy. Looks painful.
* Cloud Atlas - We're already there.
* Parker - Jason Statham. 25 January.

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