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March 24th, 2002 - badgerblog

March 24th, 2002

March 24th, 2002
02:55 am


gearchat, sportsfood, bad traffic and good music: a Saturday
After the late start to the day, made it out to Music Explorium in Carrboro and bonded with the new manager there: he's a drummer-gearhead-MIDIjunkie who used to run 2112's electronics section. Chatted about effects and options, we're going to try to get together and play in the next week or two. I drooled over the Ned Steinberger electric double bass they recently got in the store, and talked about the BigBriar Moog Voyager synth they'll have in soon. Wow.
Had dinner at Michael Jordan's 23 in Chapel Hill: very Manhattan-esque decor with oversized basketball motifs and nike swoops. The food was good but not great. For example, I got a macadamia-crusted mahi-mahi entree, and the crust was a little too greasy and the fillet, while well-cooked, was hugely thick and hard to manipulate. I had the same entree at Bogart's on Glenwood last week and prefer the Bogart's version as better. The specialty martini I got was interesting though: called a Lemon Drop Supreme, using absolut citron, couple of other things and a sugared glass rim, tasted exactly like a sour lemon drop.
On the way back ran into traffic backed up and stopped on both I-40 and 54 eastbound, which turned out to be simply that Southpoint Mall was closing. Really. No wrecks, roadblocks, police action, or huge alien _Independence Day_ spacecraft forcing their way through the clouds following the interstates and melting all the cars (don't laugh). Just the mall closing for the day.
Didn't get setup done, did do a bit of cleaning, then headed to Ringside for the show. Ran into friends (S&S) I was surprised to see there. I was surprised because I was there for the Astronauts of Antiquity and had forgotten the night was a local showcase night with three bands on the bill. The first band upstairs was (something I don't remember) Euclid which I classed as grunge-garage-uninteresting. The second band upstairs was the rockabilly/swing band the Straight 8s, who were fun (ok, I watched _Sha Na Na_ as a child, sue me). I caught most of the Straight 8s set, they were energetic and pretty good. The bassplayer was the weakest of the three, but slap bass on a acoustic upright bass is hard. After seeing most of their set, I headed downstairs for the last band, Astronauts of Antiquity, that was the one I'd come to see. AoA was on the first floor because their setup was too huge and heavy to move upstairs. Good set, but the acoustics were better at the Artscenter so I could make out India's vocals better then. Nice show tonight regardless. They're playing here in Raleigh on a weeknight in a couple of weeks. Had a nice chat with a forensic psychologist, Sam, who bemoaned the death of private practices in his field (therapy in general, just just forensic psychiatry) due to HMOs and bigbizhealthcare.
My car's left sideview mirror seems to have broken loose from the mounting, so I should see if I can do something about it tomorrow. It's a power mirror, so I may have to have work done. Eh.

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