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April 29th, 2001 - badgerblog

April 29th, 2001

April 29th, 2001
04:11 pm


Last night at the Five-O was pretty good - played Unreal, didn't do that well, but wasn't unhappy about it. Spec'ing out a potential big project in an almost entirely new area for me with the bar owner, we'll see how things go. Still haven't practiced Stick since the last entry, because we got back from the Five-O and I thought I'd hear what the mutant Casio DG-20 MIDI guitar-like thing would do through the Seek Wah, and discovered the Casio's dead. No sound, no lights, no output, not even a pop when I plug the cable in. No response. Grumpy, I sent an email to an acquaintance on the Loopers-Delight mailing list who plays the same, since he's got a manual for this cheese factory from hell 80s synth rig, asking if he had any troubleshooting/repair advice or if I should just chuck it. That breakdown made me cranky and uncreative so I went to bed.
This afternoon I fixed the vaccuum cleaner and applied it to the apartment. After that I started going into the HVAC closet which was literally filled (I mean stacked wall to wall and floor to ceiling filled) and grabbed a couple of old boxes we were keeping, decided we didn't need them anymore, and tossed them into the dumpster. More boxes followed. Old ceramic horrific Santas my mother gave us years ago that were too ugly to qualify as kitsch went. More boxes went. Didn't get rid of everything in there, but a ton of bulky boxes are now gone. Swept, vaccuumed the dust & cat dander out of there, then stacked the Polk Audio speakers, the IBM NetFinity 5500 server, and the spare VCRs, DVD player, & older TV that had been in the den in there. The water heater in there is only four years old, the speakers are the only sensitive item thing at floor level, and everything else is at least 10" off the concrete. The last water heater burst there, and didn't cause water damage more than 3" off the floor, so in the unlikely event anything happens I should just lose the speakers. In the meantime the den is actually sort of clear again. The downside is that now with the removal of the CD cabinet we'd created the dark easter diorama on, the older wider AV center, and the AV gear stack, I have nowhere for the badger to be in there. We've got two other almost equally filled closets, but I'll save tackling them for another time. I may decide to sell off the wing chun wooden dummy, as I'm only using it for a hatrack. She wants the apartment to herself this evening so I may just go see a movie tonight.

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