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[film] Dredd - badgerblog
September 22nd, 2012
10:03 am


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[film] Dredd
Did not see Dredd in 3D, saw it in completely satisfactory 2D at Mission Valley Cinemas. So, the basic structure of the film does remind me of The Raid: Redemption with a lot less martial arts and about ten thousand more bullets, but on the whole Dredd is a decent SF action adaptation of the graphic novel. Lots of drone usage at the beginning I don't remember from the comics, but I haven't kept up for years. Urban does fine as Dredd. Thirlby does well as Anderson. The Lawmaster bikes are different from the comics versions in that they're more like giant speedbikes but actually rideable. Lena Headley as the drug lord is feral. Good film score. I could see another of these if they make another.


* Sinister - Demon inhabiting pictures of itself terrifies family after dad find home movies in the attic of the demon's last victims.

* Jack Reacher - Film adaptation of one of the Jack Reacher thriller novels by Lee Child. Stars Tom Cruise. Wonder how they're working around the character being 6`5" and scarily big? Lots of upward-sloping camera angles?

* The Last Stand - Arnold Schwarzenegger as a rural SW US sheriff who has a cartel driving through. He objects. Looks at least half-played for laughs and 80s action film quips.

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