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[film] The Expendables 2 - badgerblog
August 25th, 2012
09:46 am


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[film] The Expendables 2
Saw The Expendables 2 with maegwynn on Tuesday at Mission Valley.

A mashup of every 80s action film star and tagline and meta self-referential humor, I don't know how much fun someone who didn't see most of the 80s action films will have with this movie as the film is an agglomeration of punchlines. The movie is so meta that Chuck Norris tells a Chuck Norris joke. But if you saw the action movies this is drawn from, it's big dumb fun.

Schwarzenegger: (for about the fourth time in the film) "I'll be back."
Bruce Willis: "You've been back too many times. I'LL be back." *goes off into firefight*
Schwarzenegger: *glares at Willis' back* "Yippee-ki-yay."

My favorite bit was for the first half of the movie Dolph Lundgren keeps looming over people and "URRRRRRR"ing which reminded me of Lurch from The Addams Family. No, that's not my favorite bit: my actual favorite bit was when someone shouts at him and he replies "You rang?" indicating they meant to do that.


* The Man With the Iron Fists - I am so looking forward to this.

* Red Dawn - Filter's "Hey Man Nice Shot" in trailer soundtrack. Chris Hemsworth as Patrick Swayze, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Powers Boothe, and apparently North Korea as the Soviet Union. Thanksgiving release.

* Bullet to the Head - Walter Hill directing. Stallone lead. Winter release. Duel with axes reminds me of the Brotherhood of the Axe from Stallone's movie Cobra. Sort of looks like Get Carter II.

* Dredd - Still in 3D. Still really reminds us of The Raid: Redemption.

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Date:August 25th, 2012 02:30 pm (UTC)

Bullet in the Head

I was wondering if it was a remake of the Hong Kong movie.
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Date:August 25th, 2012 02:36 pm (UTC)

Re: Bullet in the Head

"Bullet to the Head is an upcoming 2013 action film, directed by Walter Hill based upon Alexis Nolent's French graphic novel Du Plomb Dans La Tete."
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