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[film] Farewell, My Queen - badgerblog
August 18th, 2012
10:20 am


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[film] Farewell, My Queen
Went to see Farewell, My Queen at the Colony last night.

Set at Versailles in 1789, a few days in the life of a young woman who is the reader for Queen Marie Antoinette. A small-scale film that focuses on the fictional Sidonie Laborde and her devotion to her job and her boss, the film feels intimate, desperate, and almost an anthropological study of a tribe in its last days instead of a big sweeping historical grandeur. Feels similar to Girl with a Pearl Earring. Quite good. Solid acting. Discordant jangly film score great for setting the mood of uncertainty.

Of course, dinner afterward at the nearby and excellent Coquette.


* The Queen of Versailles - Documentary about a billionaire hotel magnate and his wife, and how they cope with the downsizing of their lives after the stock market meltdown.

* Celeste and Jesse Forever - Married couple in the most amicable divorce ever, then drama.

* Robot & Frank - Frank Langella is a retiree whose adult kids get him an ASIMO-like robot as a companion.

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