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This time it *was* The Hammer - badgerblog
August 13th, 2012
11:54 pm


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This time it *was* The Hammer
Yesterday I killed an insect with a KJ Parker book because it's what I had to hand. Just now I killed a different kind of insect with a different KJP for the same reason.

a) Both books served as excellent weapons.
b) Haven't noticed a bug problem recently other than these two incidents so not a general infestation, plus two different species.
c) The books themselves have been in the house for months if not a year or more each and the library isn't a hive of anything, even hellstroms, so they're not pheromonic or otherwise attractants in and of themselves. And these are rereads with no prior invasion so my physical proximity to the books in question or the act of reading them isn't the issue. It's just odd.


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