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[film] Beasts of the Southern Wild - badgerblog
August 7th, 2012
01:01 am


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[film] Beasts of the Southern Wild
Saw Beasts of the Southern Wild this evening at the Colony with maegwynn. Basic story: a six-year old girl living with her father in rural Louisiana (filmed partly in Terrebonne Parish) searches for her long-gone mother when her father falls ill, the ice caps melt, and now-unfrozen giant aurochs come menacing up from Antarctica.

If I describe the film as a magical realist fantasy echoing Hurricane Katrina and Louisiana that feels slightly similar in different aspects to The Fall, Pan's Labyrinth, or Terry Gilliam's Tideland, that description's not accurate on several counts but I hope it gives a hint as to whether you want to watch this movie. Some brilliant performances, most notably the lead role by Quvenzhané Wallis. Nice score.

Favorite credit: "Nutria Expert".

trailer: Ruby Sparks - Title character suddenly appears to a young writer.

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