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[film] Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter - badgerblog
July 17th, 2012
09:54 pm


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[film] Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter
Saw it a few weeks ago and I am of the opinion that if the trailer looks like a movie you'd like, then you'll probably like it. History is largely irrelevant, and Lincoln is less intelligent than what I've been given to understand the actual person was, but the twirling axes and flames and explosions and fights on top of a speeding train (the last of which I recall Sterling Archer discovered was not as fun as he'd hoped, to completely non-sequiturize [1] the digression) were fine. Overall big dumb fun. A major bit of dialogue from the trailer seemed to be nowhere in the movie. Odd.

* Sinister - A demonic spirit lives in its pictures. Modern suburban setting. Looks fairly creepy.
* Gangster Squad - I am so there. Anyone remember the single-season noir drama The Hat Squad? I loved that show, even if it made Crime Story look realistic. Wait, there was a comic book?
* Resident Evil: Retribution - Another Resident Evil film, that seems to retcon everything that has gone before. Ok. September.
* The Watch - Neighborhood watch group done for laughs (think Mall Cop) and evil alien invasion. I'll pass, I think. July 27.

[1] A horrible word, but the best I could find as I was typing once I realized I was about to type "derail" instead.)

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