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[film] MIB III - badgerblog
June 2nd, 2012
08:33 am


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[film] MIB III
maegwynn wanted to see Men In Black III so we went to Mission Valley Tuesday. Only mildly recommended and then only if you really liked the first two. Its sin is not implausibility but simply dullness: even the action set pieces are mostly "ok, that happened".

So, a flashback:
We'd gone to see the Will Smith film Independence Day when it came out, and while we were watching the movie the theatre hung giant banners in the lobby of all black with "MIB" in huge letters. This was the first of the ad campaign for the first Men In Black film so I had no movie context for it, and I'd been working on network management issues for the preceding months, so I stared at the giant MIB banners and said "MIB? Even I can't come up with an interesting narrative about SNMP. That can't be what this is."


* Rock of Ages - the 70s-80s hair/arena rock Broadway musical, adapted for the screen, with Tom Cruise as the egotistical rock star. Like Magnolia, but with Marshall stacks.
* Total Recall - the remake. Looks like Fifth Element.
* Skyfall - Bond. Word association test: "Q: Murder? A: Employment." November.
* Spider-Man - 3 July. Apparently rebooting that franchise.

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