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[film] Dark Shadows - badgerblog
May 25th, 2012
10:55 pm


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[film] Dark Shadows
maegwynn and I went to Mission Valley to see Tim Burton's Dark Shadows. More camp and comedic than I remember the soap opera being. Ok but not great. Mildly recommended at best.


* Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter - The red band trailer makes the film look more coherent.
* Frankenweenie - Full-length version of the Tim Burton short film. October 5th.
* Gangster Squad - Sean Penn as Mickey Cohen and outlaw cops.
* Argo - Ben Affleck as a CIA agent in 1979 in a plot to fake filming Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light with Jack Kirby design work as a cover for attempting to rescue Americans during the 1979 Iranian revolution. Actually, a true story. http://lordoflight.com/cia.html

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