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[film] Lockout - badgerblog
April 15th, 2012
11:37 am


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[film] Lockout
maegwynn and I and others saw Lockout Saturday night. Basically, it's Die Hard in SPAAACE! with Escape From New York bits thrown in. Lockout is a lot like Die Hard, complete with characters that talk almost exclusively in sarcastic one-liners. I mean, the film OPENS with Guy Pearce doing "your mom" jokes while he's being interrogated and that sets the tone for the rest of the film. (Ok, that is a spoiler. But only for the first minute or two of the movie. I apologize anyway, it won't happen again.) What even remotely saves the movie is that Guy Pearce and others including Peter Stormare, are good actors who give a certain depth that isn't necessarily in the script as part of their performances. Also Pearce can move believably for an action film. (Now I want to watch Ravenous again.)

Lockout would have done FANTASTIC at Actionfest this weekened in Asheville NC, "the only film festival with a body count". If you miss the 80s action films of the trinity of Willis, Schwartzenegger, and Stallone, Lockout is for you.


* Prometheus - 8 June. So there, as in "I am so there", not "So there, nyah nyah".

* Chernobyl Diaries - Stupid Americans go "extreme touristing" in Chernobyl. Their van breaks down and they're stuck overnight. Child ghosts start appearing. From the people who brought us the Paranormal Activity franchise of horror films.

* Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter - I personally am not that big a fan of the whole "graft a horror/SF artifice over Jane Austen or other classic of literature". Despite that, a few years ago I came up with one that hasn't yet been done as of now, and worked out an outline of the mashedup plot. I'll probably go see ALVH because Timur Bekmambetov directed Night Watch, Day Watch, and Wanted, and I like his film style. ALVH will probably be watchable for for the axe-twirling even if I'm dreading a followup American Confederacy bloodsucker movie remake of The Vampire Josey Wales.

* The Host.

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