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[film] Coriolanus - badgerblog
April 7th, 2012
09:56 am


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[film] Coriolanus
Saw Ralph Fiennes' adaptation of Shakespeare's play Coriolanus at the Colony. A modern-day adaptation filmed in Serbia with Fiennes in the title role and Gerard Butler as his principal antagonist, the combination of archaic speech and modern-day military reminded me more of the sadly-defunct television show Kings than anything else, and casting Brian Cox in the film only accentuated that resonance.

Fiennes does well in the title role: the action scenes in the beginning are a little flat but they're not the real point of the film. Butler rasps much of his dialogue in a loud whisper to where I found it a little hard to follow him. Vanessa Redgrave glares her way through her performance, appropriately. Jessica Chastain (who I thought was excellent in the little-seen and strongly recommended Take Shelter) does well, and Brian Cox I'll watch in anything.

Recommended as very good but not great.

Encountered this morning: Shakespeare Visualized, with this image in the post

trailer: Kid With a Bike

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