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[film] Wrath of the Titans - badgerblog
March 31st, 2012
12:17 am


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[film] Wrath of the Titans
maegwynn suggested we see Wrath of the Titans Friday night. Wrathful is how she felt as the credits rolled: expecting big dumb spectacle and fun, the film never grabbed her attention and it was in the end merely dull and plodding. Not recommended, even if you liked Clash of the Titans which I didn't, particularly. At least with Clash I got giant scorpions.

So many obvious echoes it felt lazy: the trash compactor scene in Star Wars, the closing door into the fortress in Krull, the minotaur looks like Tim Curry's Darkness from Legend, the infantry's HOO! HOO! HOO! like the 300 Spartans, Perseus flying down Chronos' throat to hit the exhaust port and blow up the Death Star, and Bill Nighy's performance as Hephaestus reminded her of his performance as Davy Jones in the Pirates films.

In not an echo but a huh?: since when does it make sense for Zeus to be an analog of Christ, down to forgiving and (nearly) dying and being reborn?

The only part I had even mild fun was, after the demonic giant supernatural killing things swept through the human army, was watching the deus ex machina of a revived Zeus with his no-longer-estranged-and-now-buddies-again Hades stalk through the battle smiting giant killing things with handwaving. But that was brief, and nowhere near enough fun.

The venue was, as usual, a nice place to see a film. We just chose poorly.


* Prometheus - Ridley Scott's semi-prequel to Alien. Looks gorgeous. June 8.

* Avengers - 4 May.

* Dark Shadows - Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins. A vampire coping with disco. 11 May.

* The Hobbit - 14 December.

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Date:March 31st, 2012 12:37 pm (UTC)
Well, Zeus was at one point the "saviour" of his generation of gods: The single baby who escaped Cronos's cull, was hidden away, grew up in secret training to take his father on, then rose up and slew him the way Cronos did Uranus. And unlike Cronos, he didn't imprison the siblings he'd supposedly done all this one behalf of in Tartarus--instead, he elevated them and allowed those of the Titans who hadn't fought alongside Cronos to join Olympus, paving the way for Prometheus and Epimetheus to create and foster humanity.

You could make a much stronger case for Dionysos being a Christ-figure, though, in that he's a literal Year-King who gets ritually torn apart/provokes frenzy in women who tear other people apart in order to spur on new growth. And he distributes wine! But really, you're right: The Greeks weren't into that forgiveness shit, on the whole.
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Date:March 31st, 2012 06:09 pm (UTC)
Modern movie-making post Harryhausen has purposefully made mythological deities "mortal" in a weird justication of Abrahamic religions as well as humanism - mankind (well, really, just men since these flicks rarely focus on women as anything but sex objects/trophies) demands free will.
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