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[film] The Crazies - badgerblog
March 16th, 2012
08:46 am


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[film] The Crazies
Went to The Colony Theater Wednesday night to see the Cinema Overdrive screening of George A. Romero's 1973 film The Crazies (also remade in 2010 with Timothy Olyphant). A small-budget horror flick about a small US town accidentally infected with a military virus that mostly causes irrational behavior and the US government's imposing military quarantine on the town. As the infected populace acts irrational and violent, it's essentially a fast zombie film - odd coming from the archetypal film creator of the shambling slow zombies.

Recommended and related: (film) Outbreak with Dustin Hoffman, (novel) Jack Chalker's A War of Shadows.

Cinema Overdrive, as is their custom, commissioned a print for the evening's screening:

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