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what I do when I'm not doing anything else... - badgerblog
February 21st, 2012
09:38 pm


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what I do when I'm not doing anything else...
points if you recognize the sf novel I snagged the above subject from a frequent remark of the main character) [1]

Sunday I skipped day three and last of the 13th Nevermore Horror Film Festival to run the AV for a 400+ charity fundraiser. Keeping in time for a live and therefore always variable event including videos and still images for a live auction run by a professional auctioneer was an interesting way to spend the day. Performance rig below:

People wonder why I have the apple on the laptop taped over: it's not the branding, it's I don't need to be the center of attention with it and didn't want the JobsSignal shining at the attendee who should look at the big screen, the emcee, the auctioneer, and the band. I'm just off in the shadow being a kuroko like Momus.

Driving back in the unexpected snow and mild slush on the roads was luckily no actual challenge.

[1] A bit more of a hint: currently living author, long publishing history with gaps, not one of the author's best-known works.


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