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Nevermore, the thirteenth - badgerblog
February 19th, 2012
09:09 am


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Nevermore, the thirteenth
Went to the 13th Annual Nevermore Film Festival Friday and Saturday at the Carolina Theatre in Durham. Seen and recommended, and today's screenings begin at noonish today: The Whisperer In Darkness, Absentia, The Innkeepers.

Regret I didn't have time for: Playback, Wrath of the Foreign Invaders, Some Guy Who Kills People, Marathon Man, Rosemary's Baby.

Seen and commented on under the cut: Ashes, Absentia, Pandora and That Damned Box, The Whisperer In Darkness, The Innkeepers.


* Ashes - Patient zero and the doctor of the origin of a zombie apocalypse. Ok and recommended if you like zombie films.

* Absentia - A woman files paperwork to declare her missing husband dead after seven years. Complications including a visiting younger sister with a recovering drug problem, a pedestrian tunnel with weirdness, a neighbor who looks like Richard Ramirez the LA Night Stalker serial killer, and so on. Nicely done, handled an old theme in an unexpected way. Acting and script much better than it could have been.

* Pandora and That Damned Box - four sort-of-shorts.
- Worm - Didn't enjoy. Liked the restraint of the ending.
- Impostor - Ok, a little thin, wanted more out of it.
- Enter the Dark - A man calls his best friend over because his house is haunted and he needs help investigating. Best of the four.
- The Headless Lover - A Tales From the Crypt / Creepshow / EC horror comics story if directed by Larry Flynt. The credits as blood-dripping-oozing text should set the tone.


* The Whisperer In Darkness - by the HP Lovecraft Historical Society, a black and white 1930s-ish movie of the Cthulhu Mythos. Fun and my favorite of the festival.

* The Innkeepers - As an old hotel is closing, the two young hotel staff left to run the almost empty hotel on the last weekend decide to investigate the legends of haunts in the hotel. I liked the director's previous film (House of the Devil, about a babysitter) better, but this is watchable.

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