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the hat man - badgerblog
February 16th, 2012
06:00 pm


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the hat man
Last week I went to an antique mallspace and bought a hat (yes, the one in the picture last weekend). As I had my perfectly good regular-wear hat with me, the new hat went in a bag and I headed for the door. As I was leaving a couple approached me and one of them started talking at me, very rapidly:

Her: "You're the hat man. You like hats. I see you bought a hat. You should come to my booth because I have thousands of hats. What kind of hats are you looking for?"

Me: "I like top hats. Do you have any?"

Her: "Umm…I don't think I have any of those. (If she has no top hats I am already doubting her claim of 'thousands' as a possible exaggeration.) Umm…Is that a top hat you just bought?"

Her: "No, it's not. (It wasn't. I'm not sure what kind of hat it is, but it's not a top hat.) Have a nice afternoon."


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