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disappointed in myself, Shakespeare, and your late night lullaby - badgerblog
February 3rd, 2012
01:00 am


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disappointed in myself, Shakespeare, and your late night lullaby

Left work and headed to Durham to get dinner by myself before a show. Arrived at restaurant, opened satchel...and had no books with me to read. Oh, the shame. Made do with the excellent meal, and for entertainment peoplewatching, primarily the unintentional floor show of this horrifically pompous fellow one table over who from his condescending monologues at his dinner companion was probably the kind of guy who stopped drinking merlot after Paul Giamatti's meltdown in _Sideways_. Food was excellent, though.

The rest of the evening was nicer after meeting up with andyhat at Duke for the touring-from-New York Fiasco Theater's staging of Cymbeline. I've read the play only once a very very long time ago, and know the Pink Floyd song much better than the play, so I was looking forward to new to me. Nicely done staging, andyhat mentioned some abridgement points he noticed: in particular he wondered how one actor playing two specific parts would handle a situation where both characters were onstage at the same time and the production handled it quite simply by not doing that small bit. Enjoyable show.

Fiasco Theater is at Duke for two weeks in residence and is doing a staged reading of Measure For Measure that weekend I'd like to attend if scheduling permits.

The German progrock band RPWL cover of Pink Floyd's Cymbaline from the album Signs of Life: A Tribute to Pink Floyd.

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