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Last week's Nightlight show AAR - badgerblog
January 24th, 2012
08:32 am


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Last week's Nightlight show AAR
18 January - Chapel Hill - 919noise Showcase night, with Subscape Annex, Derek Poteat (ex-Ahleuchatistas), David Menestres, and Xopher Thurston - Nightlight - event flyer - Facebook event - doors 9pm, show 9:30pm, $5 cover

Last Wednesday's show, thanks to everyone who came.

(set on flickr

David Menestres, solo double bass

David Menestres

David Menestres

Xopher Thurston, TIbetan singing bowl and double bass

Xopher Thurston

Xopher Thurston

Portrait shots

Xopher Thurston

Xopher Thurston

A recording of Xopher's set:


Derek Poteat (ex-Ahleuchatistas) http://www.myspace.com/derekmpoteat

Derek Poteat

My rig:


Zeta electric upright bass, Ashbory bass, Flickinger Rude Bomb boost pedal, Whirlwind Selector AB box, Akai headrush2, Moog MF-105B Bass MuRF, Moog MF-104 analog delay, Moog MF-104SD Super Delay, Digitech Jamman

First performance use of the new to the rig Flickinger Rude Bomb boost pedal. Flickinger is a local effects pedal maker, and the pedal did very well as a clean boost for the signal of the Ashbory bass. Recommended.

My set turned more meditative and less confrontational than I had expected. Overall I was happy with what I did, and I enjoyed the other three performer's sets.

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