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reads, incoming: RPG edition - badgerblog
January 23rd, 2012
07:31 pm


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reads, incoming: RPG edition

RT @IshaiBarnoy Conclusions from #THATcamp Games: 10) You're not playing enough games. // :-D

Over the holiday shopping mania, Arc Dream offered Monsters and Other Childish Things with all of the supplements at half off cover. Having read good reviews of the game I snagged the set. It's an interesting premise that would probably be fun to play.

Also recently received is the Fiasco Companion, being a supplement to the Fiasco RPG of small-time crimes and capers inevitably gone wrong and designed for a cinematic playstyle - in essence Fiasco is the RPG of Coen brothers movies. Fiasco RPG is fun to read, even if I expect I'm unlikely to assemble any group that can actually play it.

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