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[film] Goldeneye - badgerblog
December 30th, 2011
10:16 am


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[film] Goldeneye
So the Colony Theater has been running the James Bond films on the last Thursday of the month, and the series has worked its way up to Pierce Brosnan's debut as Bond James Bond in Goldeneye. Also notable in this film is Judi Dench's debut as M. You, or at least I, don't see Bond films for their believability, and this one is way up in the "oh, come ON" scales, hasn't aged particularly well. But Brosnan didn't make a bad Bond in my opinion, Dench establishing herself as M is nice, I'll watch Sean Bean in almost anything and seem to have done so already, and Robbie Coltrane has a small funny scene while Alan Cumming eats the scenery throughout. Didn't actually realize that was Minnie Driver until I looked at the credits. Eric Serra's score sounds very close to his score for La Femme Nikita, which resonance isn't reduced by Tcheky Karyo's presence in a small role.

January's last Thursday: Tomorrow Never Dies.


* The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

* Anaconda

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