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[film] Immortals - badgerblog
November 26th, 2011
09:47 am


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[film] Immortals
maegwynn and I went to Mission Valley Cinema to see Immortals. (Read Jake Stratton-Kent's Geosophia over the last couple of days as most relevant on the to-read stacks.)

As the director Tarsem's last film The Fall is one of my personal favorites I had high expectations. In that comparison I was disappointed, but Tarsem's ability to find striking visuals held my interest and I did enjoy the film as Immortals is a gorgeous, gorgeous film with some nicely-done bits: unlike the last Greek myth film with the misleading title, in Immortals Titans do clash.

Henry Cavill is good as hero Theseus, very Captain America earnest and straightforward, John Hurt has never disappointed me, and Mickey Rourke uses this gelid gravel-filtered-through-sludge voice of flat affect menace that works just fine. Good film score. Liked the Minotaur. Liked the Rubiks Cube of Titans. Liked the Titans' behavior patterns. Liked Zeus. Liked Stephen Dorff.


* Sherlock Holmes 2 -Moriarity takes center stage, superweapons and terror plots. December.
* The Avengers - Tony Stark gets the best lines. May 2012.
* Act of Valor - US Navy SEALs. Played by real SEALs. 17 Feb 2012.

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