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Subscape Annex at Signal2011 1oct AAR - badgerblog
October 2nd, 2011
10:55 am


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Subscape Annex at Signal2011 1oct AAR

Subscape Annex Signal2011

Signal Fest, the Southeast Electronic Music Festival, has invited me back to play again this year.

I'm probably playing first or second on Saturday, meaning I'll be doing about a half-hour set beginning at 9:15pm or 10pm.

Saturday, October 1st
Nightlight - 405 1/2 W. Rosemary St., Chapel Hill
Doors- 8:30pm
Show- 9:15pm

performances by:

Tomas Phillips & Jason Bivins (NC)
PAS Musique (Brooklyn, NY)
Derek Piotr (CT)
Balloon Animal Farm (Asheville, NC)
Powercloud (NC)
Subscape Annex (NC)

Pas Musique http://pasmusic.weebly.com/
Derek Piotr http://derekpiotr.wordpress.com/
Tomas Phillips & Jason Bivins http://www.incursion.org/phillips/
Balloon Animal Farm http://soundcloud.com/balloon-animal-farm
Subscape Annex http://www.subscapeannex.com/
POWERCLOUD http://www.facebook.com/POWERCLOUD

Facebook event for Saturday night:

Signal Fest page for all the shows this year:

Was asked to play first as the second band had friends they hoped were coming who weren't there yet, not a problem.

rig this year:

Subscape Annex Signal2011

Chapman Stick (cello bow in upper left)
Z-Vex SHO (almost hidden, it's directly down from the Stick cable and near the Stick headstock)
E-Bows (partly blocking the SHO - I brought three as backups as they're small)
Whirlwind A/B selector (the open strings on the Stick are sensitive, the AB box helps as a silent mute switch)
Akai Headrush looper
Moog MF-105B Bass MuRF
Moog MF-104SD analog delay
Boss RC-20 looper
Boss RC-20XL looper
digital clock (used to remind myself when I should be wrapping up)

I'd worked out a complex rig that turned the loop block and the FX block into a giant FX loop, then decided I didn't need that elaborate a rig for this performance and went with a comparatively simple setup. Almost never use a bow on Stick but decided to try it out after seeing Tony Levin do so earlier this month. Worked out ok.

Did not use: the two extra E-Bows.

As usual I stayed for the entire show (I try very hard to do so: I like seeing others' work and also leaving after my set tends to make me feel as though I'm being rude to the other performers) and I'm glad I did: the other performances were all interesting to me. My compliments to PAS for best use of an inflatable zebra: with contact mics it became a percussion instrument.

PAS at Signal2011

The inflatable zebra was brought by PAS Musique and oddly enough was not part of the gear for the band Balloon Animal Farm.

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