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[film] Killer Elite - badgerblog
October 1st, 2011
09:28 am


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[film] Killer Elite

maegwynn and I saw Killer Elite at Mission Valley. It appears to have no relation to the 1975 film starring James Caan and is instead based on a 1991 claimed-to-be-based-on-fact / published-as-a-novel The Feather Men. A bit slow-paced in the first half but significant action in the second half. Not memorable but still entertaining. On the other hand, I kept noticing resemblances to Blade Runner starting early on with the hawk in the palatial residence reminding me of Tyrell's owl and going into spoiler territory. Perhaps more on this later.

* Red Tails - Based on the Tuskegee Airmen of WWII. Jan 2012.
* The Three Musketeers - I don't remember Dumas featuring giant airborne ships of the line and flamethrowers and multi-barrel cannon.
* The Rum Diary - Johnny Depp in a story derived from Hunter Thompson.
* The Grey - Liam Neeson straps broken liquor bottles on his knuckles to box timber wolves after he survives a plane crash.

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