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near misses by vehicles, and your late-night lullaby - badgerblog
September 27th, 2011
10:54 pm


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near misses by vehicles, and your late-night lullaby

My morning started with an near-miss head-on collision with a trash truck [1] (blind curve, I was in my lane, he wasn't) then five or six minutes later I'm stopped at a stop light and the car upcoming behind me sees me only in time to slew off the road into the shoulder and pass me on the left while still braking.

This followed last night's incident in which a speeding eighteen-wheeler ran a red light after my left turn light went green: it went through the intersection ahead of my front bumper at high speed and leaning on the horn as it went by. So I've avoided a T-bone to the driver's door, a front end collision, and a rear-end collision between nine pm and nine am the next morning. I need a heavier car. Maybe I can find a used armored car for sale. Preferably with an automatic transmission. *looks on ebay*

[1] I'd mentioned earlier a dump truck. It was the morning trash truck.

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